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Wealth Professional – The advantages of investing in whiskey 

November 2020

The Irish whiskey market is an upcoming market that has bounced back to where it once was. Projected to continue its strong growth for the next 20 to 30 years.

As demand for whiskey grows and more brands enter the market, they will require mature stock to bottle their own whiskey.

This is where the investors come in! Read more in my Q&A with Wealth Professional Canada Magazine to discover the advantages of investing in whiskey. Read more

CEO Monthly – Whiskey & Wealth is a Winning Combination

November 2020

The history of Irish whiskey and Scotch is inextricably linked with enjoyment and wealth. Whiskey & Wealth Club was founded on a simple idea; to share this enjoyment and the potential rewards of wholesale cask whiskey ownership with clients from around the world.

It was a pleasure to talk to CEO Monthly about our passion and enthusiasm for the cask whiskey industry and I am incredibly proud to have been named CEO of the Year. Read more

Craft Irish Whiskey Investment

12th November 2019

Master of Malt: Scott Sciberras comments on craft Irish whiskey investment. “We’re bridging the gap financially between a distillery and a whiskey brand that wants to buy mature stock,” explains WWC co-founder and CEO Scott Sciberras. The article also features comments from with Elliot Wynn-Higgins, cask custodian at Lindores Abbey Distillery, Jay Bradley co-founder of Whiskey & Wealth, David Robertson  co-founder of Cask brokerage company Rare Whisky 101 and Simon Aron, co-founder of Cask Trade. Read More

Demand to diversify portfolios

20th September 2019

Scott Sciberras discusses the demand from people wanting to invest in Whiskey. “We’ve seen a great deal of interest from investors looking to diversify their portfolios.” Whiskey & Wealth Club now have seven resellers, along with four independent financial advisors who are recommending whiskey as an alternative investment for their clients. Read More